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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  September 11, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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let's go to john collins with the weather. it is looking a little fallish. >> there are a lot of leaves on the ground. >> it is a pain for people with pools out there. i don't have one, but people who have one say it is a pain. look at our satellite. a few scattered clouds for the bay eastward. they don't show up well on this particular image, but out to the west, you can see in eastern kentucky and tennessee and out in indiana, that rain sneaking in from the west. there is a weather system out there, and it will come in tomorrow, not today. so today would look ok. kind of a 50/50 slit split for the weekend. details ahead. >> our big story today marks the ninth anniversary of the september tror attack. >> this year the anniversary has
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been overshadowed by a planned islamic cultural center near ground zero and the planned burning of the koran by a florida pastor. >> despite a heated debate around a proposed mosque at ground zero and plans by one florida pastor to burn copies of the koran, today, nine years after tror struck, the focus returns to remembering the victims. ceremonies in new york, pennsylvania, and virginia paid tribute to the 270 victims -- to the victims killed during the attack on 9/11. throughout the morning, as has now become the tradition the names of victims will be read, and four moments of silence will mark the times each plane hit and each plane fell.
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vice president joe biden is attending along with first responders. at the pentagon president obama delivers marks and participates in a wreath-laying ceremony at the memorial site. and where uneiletted flight -- united flight 93 crashed, first lady michelle obama and laura bush attend a ceremony. with each construction step forward, there remains a connection to the past. steel beams pulled from the ground zero level were permanently installed at the entrance to the national memorial and museum slated to be finished in 2012. >> it will be a memorial we will all be proud of and a memorial that will inspire people around the world, and always remind them never to forget. >> and tonight, what has ls also become a tradition, twin beams
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of light illuminating the night sky and symbolizing where the twin towers once stood. >> images of an attack on america make that impossible. some high school students reflected on what happened. we went to ann arundel high school to ask students what they remember. >> all we knew is that we went outside. >> i remember coming to school in the morning and seeing my teacher crying. she didn't explain why she was crying, she just continued to cry. >> she didn't let me see it, but she just said, this is what things can get escalated to if problems are not solved. >> if you would like to hear from more of students, head to >> the search continues this
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morning from an escaped inmate. police say paul bryan palmer escaped from the central district 2:00 friday afternoon. police say palmer was being held on an attempted murder charge. >> the suspect complained of a hand injury. detectives brought him back into the lobby of a police station, and he was able to escape, he was able to sneak out of handcuffs and flea from police custody. >> palmer is 5' 10" tall and weighs about 180 pounds. if you see him, you are asked to call police. >> jury election -- selection for the murder of ken harris have been completed. >> we have been waiting this for two years. i couldn't be any happier. i'm glad we're going to get
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started. two men are accused of killing harris during an armed robbery. it took less than an hour for the final part of the process, seating the 12-person jury and the alternates. eight african-american women, three african-american women, and one white male. the four alternates are african-american women. >> one of the incidents, is the large amount of publicity that went alorning with this case. one of the questions was, if you know about the case, can you still be fair? it took as long as it took for us to get 12 people and four alternates that could put aside everything they knew about the case and still be fair. >> those chosen not only had to be patient during the selection process, they must also be prepared to hear a long trial. charles mcganey and jer
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overwhelm williams are charged in the murder. >> an alleged prankster is none other than justin bieber. >> 11 news has received video of that situation. >> according to police, water baloons were thrown by justin bieber and hit police. no charges have been filed at this point. >> can they do it? absolutely. >> this law professor said charges against the singer are possible but not likely. >> my experience tells me that if anybody, be they a celeb or
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otherwise, threw a water baloon and hit a police officer, they are probably in for some real talking to and some real yelling at. but i would be surprised if they were actually prosecuted. >> bieber performed before a sold-out crude at the maryland state fair the night the video was shot. the story about the water baloon student has been reported on entertainment sites since wbal first covered the story yesterday. police did not file an incident report. this law professor doubts bieber will get special treatment. >> i doubt they will prosecute more or less. technically it is just a crime but for most people it is just a childish, stupid, you sure as heck should know better prank. >> kai reed reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> state police are saying they
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are only gathering information at this point. meanwhile, we asked viewers if they think justin bieber should face criminal charges. close to 700 much you weighed in on our text poll, and 78% of those of you who texted said bieber should face charges. >> can you still put 16-year-olds in timeout. >> i don't think so. >> 6:07 right now. one wrong click, and you could launch a malicious virus that's taking out computers. details ahead in consumer alert. >> and how federal officials are investigating the blast that killed four people in southern california. >> first a live look outside. it is a very, very pretty morning out there. john collins has your insta-weather plus forecast next.
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today is the day i double down.
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[ male announcer ] the kfc double down. double meat, double cheese, double bacon. double awesome. get yours today. so good. ♪ so s-o g-double-o-d good >> let's take a look at our insta-weather plus forecast. we need the rain. it is not unwelcome again. you can dispute the timing of it being over a weekend, but everybody will get their fair share here. today is a good day for the
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folks who don't want rain, and for tomorrow, those that want rain, you got it. let's plook at the -- beautiful conditions. this is for the folks that don't want rain. 53 at the arpte. 63 at the inner harbor. the low this morning 52. an autumn chill in the air. the barometer rising, the winds are calm. ing of rain, we only had a trace so far in september. for the year we are approaching an inch and a half. with the heat that we had in late august and early september and everything else, i mean, the ground is really parched. we are rain free right now. annapolis remain in the upper 40's.
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you can see a few smudges there. they don't show up well on the in fra red satellite. the first light of dawn is beginning to show. more clouds to the west of us, and this is that next system coming in. today we have the high pressure that we've had for the past couple days giving us good conditions. more sun. clouds generated by the storm up over eastern canada pulling ploice tour -- moisture down off the great lakes. and then the clouds start to come in approaching that storm. most of the day we will see that. seasonnably warm. 77-81. a tropical storm right now.
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as we get into the middle of the week, probably stay to the north of the caribbean islands. not the hurricane center forecast, just long-term models for bermuda and canada and maybe maine toward the end of the week or next weekend. so it looks like it will miss the easter seaboard the way things look now. you never know. our own forecast more near term here, by this evening, we begin to see more clouds and rain to the west. overnight, the rain sneaks in, and during the day tomorrow, on-again/off-again rain showers. we might get a few sun breaks by sunset. it is 7:25 or so. then on monday, there will be a little secondary front off to the northwest. it probably won't make rain. but it may increase the clouds late in the day. so seven-day forecast, 79 today, 76 tomorrow. a lot of sun, and a lot of clouds in our rain chance.
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partly cloudy. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. rain in the end of next week. >> a huge explosion is now the focus of a federal investigation. the national transportation safety board is among those looking into what caused a blast that akilled four people -- that killed four people and destroyed several homes. >> this is what is left of a neighborhood in san bruno, california. 167 homes destroyed or damaged. 15 acres charged. four people confirmed dead. hell on earth. that's how some describe the blast that shot flames hundreds of feet into the air. >> we thought a jet had gone down. >> fueled by a ruptured gas line, an explosion so violent, it shook the earth. >> i thought we were having an earthquake. i looked out the kitchen window, and saw this huge explosion. >> as the inferno jumped from house to house, firefighters
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faced hydrants with no water and exploding gas lines. >> we couldn't put out the fire without this being shut down. >> flames dropped retardant, and by dawn, the fire was mostly contained. in addition to those killed, others were critically injured. pacific gas and electric said a 30-inch gas line, 40 to 50 years old, ruptured. >> we are constantly working every day to make sure we are maintaining the integrity of that system. >> people stunned in this community rocked by the disaster hope for answers. liane -- leanne gregg, nbc news. >> people want to spend more cash for clothing this winter. we'll tell you why. next in consumer alert. >> and the ravens getting ready
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for the season opener. more on the celebrations around town coming up.
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>> this morning a compute are alert. a malicious worm asks consumers to clink on an embedded link. when the user clicks the link, the computer launches the malicious file without them knowing it. the threat can spread from computer to computer. experts say the best way to avoid is being infect sd install a complete -- is to install a complete anti-viral software. >> another example of how e-reading has turned the literary industry on its head.
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chris clackum. >> the writing on the wall is digital. >> it is a marketplace decision. over the past few years, there has been a tremendous loss of space to do mass mark et paperbacks. >> there is an abund -- abundance of space in the paper world. after a 25% drop in retail sales, dorchester's decision to go row -- go digital with romance and other books was an easy one. >> we have taken them to 15,000 copies of e-books sold. >> dorcheste are is among the first all-digital, but there will others like travel guide publisher lonely planet. >> we have had extreme success in our mobile aps for black
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berry in particular. >> even the publishers behind the tried, true, and traditional objectionford dictionary that's been in publication for 26 years, are said to be mulling a mood to an online version only. chris clackum, nbc news. >> well, it could cost you a little more for your morning cup of coffee. coffee prices hit a 13-year high wednesday. the hike could lead to higher retail prices. price hikes have been announced for green mountain. folger's, duncan doughnuts, and dore -- gore may select brands. cotton clothing at its highest since 1935. this happens as rains threaten cotton crops. all this means your jeans and
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t-shirts could cost more come winter. >> don't go away. we have much more news coming up. first, a look at events going on around town this weekend. to help avoid dental problems my dentist gives me act restoring mouthwash. act kills germs, restores minerals strengthens enamel. act restoring-- for strong teeth act now.
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i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ >> ravens fans are already getting into the football act. students lined up to spell the
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word "ravens." sky team 11 was ove the school in dundalk and they did a wonderful job. the ravens season opener is opening. more on the purple friday celebrations. purple friday gives him a chance to add to his collection. >> he has autographs and pictures of the cheerleaders? or the players also? >> just the cheerleaders. >> all day long they were signing autographs and talking with the fans. for the ravens cheerleaders, it is hard work but fun work.
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>> we love the excitement. it is like christmas morning for us. >> super, super exciting. >> i'm super excited. today will be a fun day. we have a lot of great events set up for the day, and we're all pumped to be here. >> and the fans are so personable. we love to see the familiar faces. it makes it all the more exciting when we see them. we have a great relationship. >> take a look at this. we might be seeing this lady on dancing with the stars. >> so you get down. >> i just want to know if he's single. >> what is it you love about the ravens? >> i love them. they represent us, and they represent us well.
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>> she is really good. the ravens broadcast team ask your home for -- is your home for football. you can catch the john harbaugh show, ravens football, and ravens report on wbal plus. the shows run in the daytime and also midnight. the shows are posted at our web site at >> rob roblin is not fooling anybody. i think he's had this assignment several years in a row to follow the cheerleaders. >> you know it. >> it is 6:27. 57 degrees on tv hill. coming up, a look at our top stories. >> city police are investigating a car crash involving one of their own. we'll have those details. >> and information on patricia jessamy as they campaigns for re-electio
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thank you for joining us. our top stories in just a moment. first another look outside with john. john, someone said to me the other day, it looks like summer is over. do you think it's over? >> it was so hot there for a while that even when you take the temperatures back to something that's close to normal, it feels like chilly,
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and the leaves are falling early because of the dry weather we've had. >> they are not changing and falling, they are just falling off? >> no. maple trees are going red. maybe autumn is occurring soon. i don't know all the chemistry, but autumn is not here yet. that happened sometimes in a couple weeks, autumn officially starts. but at the moment, it is still summertime, and we're looking for rain because it has been so dry for, what, three weeks now, and the ground is hard, and there is some rain out there. it is not a today thing. so today looks fine. if you want to do something outside, barbecue, tennis, baseball, golf, whatever, today is the day. tomorrow quha you see in illinois, indiana, and kentucky and tennessee will be plofinge across here. i'll detail it all coming up in the insta-weather plus forecast. >> thanks, john. taking a look at our top stories. baltimore county police are investigating a car crash involving one of their own.
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it happened on friday night at the corner of audrey and 4th street in brock lynn. police say a car and another car collided. the officer wasn't hurt but was taken to the hospital for observation. we are told two people were arrested, and it is not clear what sclarges, if any, they are facing. >> police are not sure what caused a man to drive the wrong way on highway 75. it happened near owings mills boulevard. police say the man was traveling northbound in the southbound lane and crashed into a female driver head-on. he was taken to the hospital and later died. the female driver was taken to shock trauma. this is the second incident of a person driving the wrong way on this section of freeway. the first resulted in a woman being arrested and charged of driving under the influence. >> justin bieber and two maryland state troopers.
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bieber was throwing water baloons at the maryland state fair last sunday. two troopers were hit and so far no charges have been filed. the agency has been gathering all the information. >> in "commitment 2010" report it turns out early polling is not too popular. only 2.5% of eligible voters turned out. that accounts for 70,000 registered voters. governor o'malley took a moment to address the early turnout. >> the first was a learning experience for people, but i bet you see it higher in the general election and fundamental continue to become more and nore widely known and widely used. >> election officials believe early voting will make up about
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8% of its own chance in the primaries. >> some are closely watching the race for -- david collins has this story. >> i am an interest gallon part of the -- integral part of the community. >> patricia jessamy is pushing the envelope. >> if he is arrested, he will take us back 50 years. >> this snipet conjures images of segregation. but she is not. >> he doesn't think a prosecutor's office should have anything to do with prevention, intervention, or treatment. and i i don't know a prosecutor's office in the country that practices that. and if he is elected, he will be
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taking us back 50 years. >> don doesn't believe he is intentionally injecting race. >> it is almost like it is going to be there whether we say it or not. it is left to the politicians to walk a fine line of, you know, making certain suggestions without really saying it. or, you know, sometimes there may be real differences that end up playing out along racial lines. >> early in the campaign, jessamy charged if her opponent is elected, the city will become a police state. >> he will be a rubber stamp for the police department. author of the book "not in my neighborhood" how bigotry shaped a neighborhood. >> it is a very emotional kind of a deal particularly because
6:35 am
schwisher was backed -- played the race card. >> the only way to do it is with jail and also with shooting people. >> both candidates are playing to their grassroots supporters. >> bottom line in this election is, who thinks what kind of philosophy in prosecution is -- is in their interest. >> following a debate on ypr, jessamy made a statement -- >> federal court is like a school in a high-rent district. >> she hasn't said anything so blatant that would make you say ah-ha, but it is in a context of a constituency that might be more hommogenous.
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>> a spokesperson for the bernstein said, regardless of race, people want a safer city. he said berns tefment in does not advocate a "lock them up" strategy but instead will focus on the most violent offenders. >> for more commitment 2010 coverage, log on to our web site, and you can also see david collins' fact checks, candidate profiles and much more. just click on plickeds. >> -- click on "politics." >> and stay with us. much more is ahead. >> baltimore has a highway that goes nowhere and divides an entire community. how that is all about to change coming up. >> weather-wise, it is a little cool this morning, and how temperatures will be warming a little bit during the day. we'll talk about the insta-
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i'm bob ehrlich. i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make the state we love not just good but great. now let's get down to work.
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>> take a look at our live h.d. doppler radar right now, and nothing going on here. we have had nothing going on for the past 18 days or so as this remains very, very dry. but there is a significant-looking weather system out to the west. it looks like it is our best shot of rain in the past three weeks or so. the most recent three weeks. so we'll see what happens by the end of the weekend with this. today we look ok. we are starting out beautiful this morning. generally clear skies. just a wisp or two of clouds. 53 is the current temperature at the airport. the low this morning has been 52. inner harbor 53. 83% the humidity. 350.02 the barometric pressure.
6:40 am
rising a bit. winds at the moment are calm. the winds will be swinging around to a more southeasterly direction in advance of this new system coming in. so far, 18 days coming in. it will make 1819 unless we get rain before midnight. we have i a couple instances of trace, but that's not measurable. that's why things are so parched right now. we really good use precipitation. annapolis 60. salisbury 52, 53 at ocean city. 54 at westministers. 46 in frederick. mid 40's in far-western maryland. you can see this pocket of cool air. the coolest of the air is shifting east now. high pressure is moving toward the ocean. that high pressure will also -- i mean threatly allow warmer air to come in from the west. you see warm readings warming up
6:41 am
into western illinois. except that there's a storm out there. it will be hard to warm up. technically all this is moving to the east, and that means more clouds eventually coming into the picture. there have been -- has been a weather system over eastern canada, but high pressure has kept the rain away. that will be the case again today as the high will be centered over us. during the day, it will shift further east until it gets over the ocean, and we get on the west of the high and you get this warm, humid flow, and it allows the cold front and this whether complex to get closer. that means rain gets closer. during the day, sun and clouds. beginning to drift in and threaten us from the east. seasonnably warm. a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. southeast winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. we're at the peak of the hurricane season right now. what's going on out in the tropics.
6:42 am
we have igor, tropical storms, 07 mile an hour winds. we also have forecasters watching this cluster ever tomorrows -- of storms to see if that has any potential for development. it looks like igor will stay out of the ocean, make a curve to the north as the current forecast takes aim at bermuda which is right there and then maybe up toward maine or the maritime provinces but avoid most of the u.s. coast. that's the gameplan now. closer to the now term is the futurecast which shows by this evening more clouds coming into the area and is that storm system out west moving in. so they begin to increase about daybreak or so, and we could see a few showers during the day. we need them. by the end of the day, rain chancesing out of the picture. secondary front off to the northwest. probably just bring a few clouds our way. we'll watch and see what happens with that. our forecast, we split the weekend.
6:43 am
the nonrain day is today, so get the outside activities done today. tomorrow, a fairly decent chance, at least for rain showers and more cloudiness. 76 the high. so in door activities are going to be good. monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday all look dry. except we have a lot of clouds. we'll see what happens with that secondary front. most of the week we'll be in the 70's near 80. 80 degrees or so for a high. >> demolition to bring down a massive concrete that was supposed to be interstate i-70. demolition will lead to better traffic and revilet lies -- revitalize the community. kim dacey has that story. >> this is the first step to bringing down the massive concrete which is the highway to nowhere in west baltimore. construction in what is now highway 40 was home -- halted in
6:44 am
the 1970's but not before this part was constructed. >> for my entire life the highway to nowhere has been an unfortunate part of west baltimore's landscape. it divided communities and put a halt to the progress in once promising neighborhoods. >> but now the concrete will start to come down and remove the barrier that has separated west side communities. >> it is a story of communities coming back together, of communities moving maryland forward by becoming better connected. >> once the concrete comes down, the groupped -- ground will be leveled and the empty area will be made into green space for the community and extend the parking lot for the west baltimore marc train station. >> with the completed work, we can begin the redline in earnest. the redline will create jobs and
6:45 am
spur development athis route. >> the work is possible due to people who kept fighting for their communities. >> we will take it one step at a time, block-by-block as we continue to rebuild our community. this is more than just a parking lot. it is about our future. >> the entire project should be completed by 2012. for more information, visit our web site at >> and stay with us. 11 fitness is coming up next. >> first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back. it is time for "11 fitness." candace grasso is showing us a way to train quickly. >> i am going to train you in a way to train quickly and a way to train opposing muscle groups, and you are going to do your biceps and go right into your triceps. you can fly right back into your biceps. your biceps rested while your heart rate is elevated because you never stopped. you can run through your whole
6:49 am
body and bhi clients are usually going, where is the rest? well, if you are going for -- it is a great bicep curl. there are 5,000 ways to do a bicep curl. >> i'm just here. the sleek defined muscle, you are looking for 12, 13, 14 repetitions and the last three should be excruciating. so you are looking for sleek defined muscles. if people want bulk, they will go for eight or 10 reps and they will need to rest more. then you would roll right out. and without taking a rest for you, you let your biceps rest by going into the opposing muscle groups. again, i'm going to get to -- let's say this is 12. this is what it should look
6:50 am
like. 13. once you are starting to get hard at eight, and then you will know you are about right for 13 to 15 reps. make sure your form doesn't break. especially for women, they train a lot harder than they think. >> your core is getting a workout the entire time. >> it has. >> you have to work hard to stay stable on the ball. >> and another way to work your core is just by standing. i would do a lap row here. standing in a straight line from my shoulder to my hip to my knee. no, no. pulling through my back. again, that's getting my core. but then opposing muscle group not taking a break. i can use a bench or machinery. i'm going to roll out, and even on the ball, you can create your own incline slides.
6:51 am
my butt down. you go into a fly. that's the opposing muscle group to this to the back. so just keep flipping it around now. i posted this up on youtube and on facebook so people can see more of this in the video. and if you want to get in touch with candace get in touch with >> and the people that take the classes, how much they should be lifting. we'll talk about that. >> and john has another look at the weekend forecast. now a look at what's coming up on the "today" show. >> today marks the ninth anniversary of the september 11 tror attacks. the day will not go without controversy. this morning we will have live reports from ground zero on what should be a day of remembrance. plus an interview with new york
6:52 am
city mayor michael bloomberg and the man behind the koran burnings, patrick terry jones. >> investigators are looking for a cause to that fireball. it will be live from the scene. >> a 2-year-old girl disappeared from her family's front porch back in 1965. now 45 years later, the f.b.i. has reopened the case. we'll find out why. >> and stand up to cancer. the stars aligned last night's biggest events to stomp out cancer. we'll bring you the late-night we'll bring you the late-night events when we see you a bit
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax.
6:54 am
it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
6:55 am
>> we are into week three of the high school football season. the level of it is pretty much mid-season. the folks liked what they saw here. brad hager, lovely pitching catch. bulls getting back in it. not to be denied. a 14-7 game. the bulls' rally continues.
6:56 am
macon making nightmares. turs on the jets. 29 yards. completes the rally in overtime knocking off eastern tech 17-14. gillman already two high profile wins this year. both teams natalie ranked. and don bosco actually won a national championship according to polls last year. from his own 2 he ran over and out-ran the rest of it. 98 yard touchdown. his second of three scores on the night. 26-0. the ironmen in front. the grayhounds do not get bagels. so at least there was something. don bosco looking every bit like a national champ knocking off gillman 33-96. a defensive struggle in the second quarter.
6:57 am
not the prettyest of passers. big hook-up with spence. trying to cap flies on the drive to finish it off. out-dueling the receiver. historical reference there. still scores. he says enough of the passing, let me just run the ball. >> fumbles at the 1. loose ball scrambled in the end zone. brewins recovery. broad neck. a winner. 6-0. friday, the aa-b conference. rad cliff. singers with a nice tune. powerful tune. 7-0 lakers. jay evans. up the middle from his own 22. he would be -- force 40's here's
6:58 am
a tunover though. bad idea on the option. he's in for the easy give for six. knocks off curly 21-7. log on to extra points, that's a also, the orioles opener impressive. they win by a final of 6-3. we'll see you back here tonight on wbal-plus at 6:00. >> sunshine and rain in tomorrow's forecast. >> thanks for watching, everybody. the "today show" is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes.
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